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I am thankful God has let me live long enough to learn that relationships are the most important part of life. Now I am trying to live that way. I am not always sucessful but I am improving.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

God is good - all the time

Great things have happened since I last posted. We have a new grandson named Adam Todd born Thursday 10-13. He and mother are doing fine. Now I have to change my intro. We have begun receiving help from friends and other believers we don't even know. It is very humbling to have to ask for help, but awesome to see people show God's love toward you. The power of God was also evidenced Sunday morning when a friend decided he had been gone too long from God's family and acknowledged his wrong. The love of God was also shown by the family welcoming him back. God is good - all the time.


Blogger KMiV said...

I think that is what is interesting about faith communities. We have a wonderful blend and mix between birth, death, life, and rebirth!

7:59 AM  

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